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Priority #1
+ renovations
= more beds, more life 2 000 000 $

With a satisfaction rate that is close to perfect each year, the quality of care provided at La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie is incontested. It is now time to bring the physical environment up to the same level. La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie’s expansion project means more light, more life and more comfort for even more patients and families.

5 more rooms :
100 patients pear year

With the addition of five rooms, 100 more people will be able to spend their last days with respect, dignity and compassion. Spacious and well-lit, each room will have an adjustable bed, a private washroom and a sitting area (chair and sofabed) for visits from family and friends. The decor can be changed to reflect the patient’s age – adult, teen or child. Children and teens will be given priority for one of the rooms.

Larger kitchen and dining room:
More quality time as a family

The comforting smell of homemade meals prepared by our volunteer cooks helps to build the family atmosphere that it is felt at La maison. Expanding our small kitchen will enable our volunteers and staff members to comfortably serve all of our patients without stepping on each other’s toes. Patients and families will also appreciate being able to gather in the larger dining room, rather than having to eat in the patient’s room because the four tables in our eating area are already taken.

New dining room with a window:
Brighter eating environment

Currently, patients and their families hardly have a chance to see daylight, other than in the patient’s room, especially in the winter. The brightness of the room and size of the windows varies from room to room. Building a dining room with a window facing Sherbrooke street will brighten common areas and create a space where patients and their families can spend time together, enjoying the benefits of natural light.

Renovations to lobby and nurses' station: A better experience for visitors and staff

Gone will be the confused looks of visitors who don’t know if they should turn left or right when they walk in the door, and have to wander around the facility to find the nurses’ station. Our new lobby will make it easy for visitors to find their way around, offering them a warm and inviting sight as they arrive at the hospice. We also plan to add a play area for children visiting a loved one. The nurses’ station will also be renovated to make it easier for attendant staff.

New rooms for massage therapy and art therapy

Renovating the basement of La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie will increase the number of people who can benefit from massage therapy, art therapy and the other services at Le Havre healing centre Day Activity Centre. Currently, these activities cannot be held at the same time, since they would interfere with each other. The relaxing atmosphere of a massage room cannot be disturbed by the emotional expression of an art therapy session. Rearranging the rooms of the Havre centre and adding a second room for massage therapy will solve this problem and enable us to offer more time slots for these activities that provide comfort in times of suffering.

New play area for children

Our mission is to make sure that every patient and their loved ones – including their children and grandchildren – can spend their last moments together in a sane and calm environment. For that reason, we are going to build a new play area located at the center of the new spaces, between the new living room and the new dinning room. This location will be practical for the patients and their families, who will be able to keep an eye on their children or grandchildren.

“My best friend has been staying [at La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie]. She is only 29 and she loves the staff, as do I […] I sleep here on a large sofabed, so I can be with my friend 24/7.”
- Cindy O’Hara

“During the four months that my sister Lyne was staying at La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie, we visited her every night, 12-14 friends, family and acquaintances, sharing food, wine and plenty of laughs around the table. She even had a small sip of wine before her final departure.”
- Yves Ducharme

“What I felt when I first arrived at La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie was a huge wave of love, kindness and generosity from nurses, attendants and volunteers. It was beyond what anyone could imagine.”
- Micheline Laurin

“With your support, we were able to have a BBQ on the patio, listen to music in the room, and visit with family and friends in a wonderful setting! I will never forget those precious moments.”
- Nathalie Pommerleau

“When I met Daphné [the art therapist], I was in a state of incredible sadness, crying non-stop. Thanks to her way of approaching the subject and my emotions, I made huge progress.”
- L***

Maison Mathieu Froment Savoie

La Maison
Mathieu Froment Savoie

170 rue Sherbrooke
Gatineau J8Y 2L6

# OBNL - 825 908 528 RR0001

Fondation Mathieu-Froment-Savoie

# OBNL - 804963585 RR0001

Téléphone : 819 770-3900

Maison Mathieu Froment Savoie

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