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Message from the Volunteer Coordinator Marie Louise Garneau

Well-anchored in the community, the House is a warm place where the quality of care and respect are at the forefront. Often surnamed by patients and their family members as being a paradise on earth, they rate it as a 5 star.

We owe this recognition to the community, patients and their families in large part due to the undeniable contribution of our volunteers. It is with great gratitude that we welcome each year more than 200 volunteers who love supporting the mission of La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie.

Without the support of these people, it would be impossible for us to reach this standard and this high quality of care. The involvement of volunteers in this great challenge is unquantifiable.

You will agree with me that people in the community who want to get involved by giving their precious time, is very much appreciable.

Volunteering opportunities

The volunteers at La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie offer their support in various activity sectors:

  • To care, help in the daily care and to work with the team
  • At home, to offer company to the patient
  • Psycho-social and spiritual care, accompaniment of patients and members of their families
  • Beauty care, hairdresser
  • In the kitchen, to make small meals for patients
  • Commissions, groceries, cans and others
  • At the laundromat, do laundry and fold laundry
  • At the reception, to answer phone calls and welcome visitors
  • At the administration, to support the administrative team
  • To the interior maintenance of the MMFS
  • Aux réparations, plombier, électricien, menuisier etc
  • At sewing, to do repairs and small projects
  • To decorate
  • In horticulture, either outdoors or indoors
  • At the library, take care of our books
  • At fundraisers, help us with events
  • To play some music
  • To animals, to do zootherapy

** Those who have gone through a bereavement, illness or a breakup are strongly advised to wait at least 12 months before applying in the care sector.

The benefits of music at La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie

The benefits are not only for people who listen, but also for musicians / singers who have the privilege of sharing their art and at the same time relieving some of the physical and moral pain of people at the end Of life and their surroundings. It is proven that music alleviates pain. And it calms the heart and the soul

Maison Mathieu Froment Savoie

La Maison
Mathieu Froment Savoie

170 rue Sherbrooke
Gatineau J8Y 2L6

# OBNL - 825 908 528 RR0001

Fondation Mathieu-Froment-Savoie

# OBNL - 804963585 RR0001

Téléphone : 819 770-3900

Maison Mathieu Froment Savoie

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