Emergency fund

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Priority #3
Emergency fund: less instability,
more flexibility500 000 $

Every year, La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie must deal with a $900,000 shortfall in its budget. It is not a deficit, but rather the minimum amount it needs to obtain in contributions in order to survive.

Government funding only covers 49% of our operating budget. Despite our amazing ability to stretch every dollar to the maximum, we have very little flexibility in meeting emerging needs.


Throughout the province of Quebec, government funding for hospices only amounts to 49%. At La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie, this funding only covers a portion of health care professional salaries. What happens when the roof leaks? Or when a piece of specialized equipment breaks down? The reality is that we are often caught off guard. Our fundraising activities, combined with in memoriam donations, barely cover the $900,000 shortfall each year.

This precarious balancing act leaves us with little flexibility to meet new priorities that arise. Patients and their families love our woodwork, stained glass windows and beautiful cathedral ceiling, but this former church is aging, and replacing a leaky roof or a broken heating system can be tough on the budget. It is also difficult to upgrade our equipment or make improvements to better meet patients’ needs.

a fund to help meet more pressing needs

In establishing a fund for emergencies and priority needs, we hope to shift La maison from this vulnerable position as it is getting ready to expand. Many non-profit organizations use this type of discretionary funding to meet a wide range of essential needs, including future needs that cannot be predicted. It is a safety net that La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie can longer do without.

Even with the most thorough budget management, we cannot foresee all circumstances to come. By investing in the establishment of this fund, you will be helping us to meet emergent needs, prepare for the unexpected and begin to put money aside to ensure the future of our ‘‘5-star hotel’’.

“I would compare La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie to a 5-star hotel. My father was treated with TLC. Morning, noon and night, our family received exceptional care from extraordinary people. And all free of charge. Five-star treatment for free. That’s incredible.”
– Marc Bertrand