Services for relatives

La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie

170, Sherbrooke street
Gatineau (QC) J8Y 2L6

Phone number: 819 770-3900

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Services for relatives

La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie offers services to patients’ relatives:

During the stay, we

  • Provide support to family members and assist them in their commitment to the care the patient requires.
  • Accompany them during the last moments of life by offering moral, emotional and spiritual support.

Following the death

  • We offer a professional support service in bereavement, through a self-help group.
  • Individuals who wish may be referred to bereavement accompaniment services closer to home.

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Rules for Visitors
When can we visit

Visitors are welcome anytime, 7 days a week. Nevertheless, they should keep in mind that the well-being of the residents must be respected to ensure that they rest peacefully. Visits may be restricted when outbreaks are identified.

Services to visitors

In addition to the resident’s room, visitors can spend time in the public areas such as rest areas, dining room, patio, living rooms and library. A small kitchen is available to families for the preparation of meals for them and the resident, if they so desire.

Cellular Phones

We recognize the usefulness and importance of cellular phones by people of all ages. Nevertheless, conversations should be limited in number and time and sound level should be kept as low as possible so that residents are not inconvenienced.


Visitors have access to free parking area in front of the main entrance on Sherbrooke Street. Parking is also available on nearby streets, keeping in mind that parking is restricted by city bylaw during winter.

Public Transportation

There is no direct bus route to 170 Sherbrooke Street by the Société de transport de l’Outaouais. Buses that stop near La maison are:

  • Ligne 35 via la rue Labelle. L’arrêt 5955 est situé à l’angle des rues Labelle et Dumas et est à moins de cinq minutes de marche de La maison.
  • Line 35 via Labelle Street. Stop number 5955 is at the corner of Labelle and Dumas Streets, less than 5 minute walk.
  • Lines 31 and 32 via Montclair Boulevard. Stop number 5950 is at the corner of Montclair Boulevard and Labelle Street. This is a 10 minute walk from La maison.
  • Line 39. Stop number 5952 is at the corner of Fortier Street and Montclair Boulevard, a 10 minute walk from La maison.

Contact with pets can have a therapeutic effect on residents. In fact, La maison offers a zoo therapy program, recognizing that pets can bring joy to residents and even to staff members. Admittance is permitted only to dogs and cats as long as they are immunized. To reduce risk of infection, washing hands before and after handling the animal is of the utmost importance. The pet must be well groomed, behaved, on leash all the time or in a cage, and must be well trained on areas where to relieve one self. Animals must be kept close to their owners all the time. Owners must clean any urine or fecal matters immediately, notify staff members of any damage to furniture or injury to a resident. Owners are responsible for the behaviour of their animal at all time.

If the animal is a health threat or his behaviour is unacceptable, the owner will be asked to leave the premises immediately with the animal.


It is permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner if there is no contraindication by the treating physician for medical reasons. Residents and families consuming alcohol must not be disturbing to others. These privileges will be reassessed if incidents occur. Alcoholic beverages are provided by the residents or their families.


It is forbidden to smoke inside La maison and on the patio. Residents and visitors are permitted to smoke in the exterior gazebo built for this purpose. Residents who want to smoke must be accompanied at all time by a staff member, volunteer or visitor.

For safety reasons, all smoking items must be remitted to the medical staff when returning to the rooms. Medical staff may remove these items if they can present a safety risk.

Illegal Drugs

It is strictly forbidden to carry or consume illegal drugs.

Pastoral Care

Families can communicate with a priest of their choice. La maison can also provide the name of a priest to visit the residents and administer in unction to the unwell.

Funeral Prearrangements

Families are encouraged to make funeral prearrangements for their loved one and to inform the staff on the choice of funeral home. After the family leaves the premises, La maison will communicate with the chosen funeral home. Families are welcome to take as much time as necessary after the passing of the loved one but the body cannot be kept more than 18 hours after death has been confirmed.

Form to apply for admission

La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie offers its services in several contexts: for accommodation during the last weeks of life in the family, for the control and relief of pain and other symptoms, or for temporary accommodation during the terminal phase.

Refer to the document “Process application” for the process steps and answer the questions below to apply.

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Virtual wishing card

This is an invitation to write a few words for the loved one.

We offer you the opportunity to write a virtual wishing card for the loved one hospitalized at La maison Mathieu- Froment-Savoie. This card is a special note to the attention of your loved one who is living through his/her last moments.

Your message will remain confidential. This service provides you the opportunity to express your feelings or qualms that you would find difficult to express verbally.

If you so desire, you can fill the virtual card as follows:

  1. Indicate the patient’s name or that of his/her family.
  2. Write your message.

When the virtual card is received by La maison, it is handed over to the patient or one of the family members.

Send a virtual wishing card

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