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Message from the President

It is good to know that there is a place in Gatineau where you can live your last days with your loved ones while benefiting from a professional accompaniment where compassion, dignity and respect are present.

The Mathieu-Froment-Savoie Foundation was set up to ensure the financial sustainability of La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie thanks to medium- and long-term financial commitments from philanthropists in the Outaouais region. The Foundation is also a vehicle for raising awareness and the importance of supporting those who care to accompany people at the end of their lives in love and dignity.

Board of Directors of the Foundation

- Luc Labbé, President

Luc is a bilingual professional with over 18 years of practical experience in conducting audits, preparing financial statements and acting as a consultant regarding taxation and business management. Currently partner at Marcil Lavallée, his areas of practice include business advisory, financial auditing, internal auditing, forensic auditing, business forecasting, business financing, financial modelling and various other business matters. Luc is an active citizen and an inspiring leader who is dedicated to the Foundation: ” Being part of a community should go beyond living within it; it should involve contributing to its growth. I want to make sure our community members can live their end-of-life with all the dignity that life’s last milestone deserves.”

- Jocelyn Filiatrault, Vice-President

Passionate about entrepreneurship and real estate, Jocelyn joined the RMC Group as a partner immediately after his retirement as regional director for the Investors Group. During his 21 years career with Investors, he acted as financial planner and regional director and his many accomplishments were crowned twice with the national title of Maître directeur. He also had many successes as a professional coach, notably with the Canadian swimming team. Formerly President of the Foundation, Jocelyn is proud of his commitment: ” I’m involved to give to people at the end of life and their loved ones the opportunity to live their last moments together with dignity and respect.”

- Alexandre Da Costa, Treasurer

Alexandre is a passionate and highly determined accountant. He acquired the majority of his expertise in the construction, services and retail sectors as well as in the field of the incorporation of professionals. He also possesses experience with non-profit organizations and has been an active volunteer at the Portuguese Centre in Gatineau. Alexandre is involved with the Foundation because having a direct impact on the community is something he holds dear to his heart.

- Tanya Da Costa, secretary

Alumna from the University of Ottawa, Tanya is a lawyer in private practice specializing in civil litigation and real estate law. Tanya is actively involved with the Barreau de l’Outaouais. Her desire to make an impact on our community and to help those in need have also pushed her to contribute to various events in our region.It was during a fundraising event organized by the Foundation that she was personnaly touched by our cause and decided to join the Board.

- Bryan Robinson, Board member

Business man, sports adept, law professor, mentor and business law lawyer for the past 15 years, Bryan’s Boutique Law Firm is contributing to the success of businesses of all sizes. Bryan has performed hundreds of incorporations and regularly handles matters of corporate governance, of corporate finance, of corporate compliance, of corporate and of fiscal reorganizations and has managed several acquisitions, sales and corporate mergers. At a young age, his parents inspired him to get involved in his community of Gaspesie, Qc. Strongly believing in the value of volunteering and altruism, Bryan has contributed his time and donated to many non-profit organizations in our region.

- Jean-Philippe Giroux, Board member

Jean-Philippe is a young entrepreneur offering financial advice regarding savings and insurance through Freedom 55 Financial and les Services d’investissement Quadrus ltée.   A former student of the Programme sports-études hockey at the Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau, he is now involved with the program as a coach. Prior to joining the Board, Jean-Philippe was already contributing to the Foundation’s Gift Planning Committee. Today, he is grateful to be able to help the Maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie reach its goals, one being to allow more people to live their last moments in dignity and surrounded with love.

- Yves Audette, Board member

With over 50 years of experience in the private and public sectors, Yves has an extensive professional network. Now retired, Yves has been a pharmacist-owner for many years, having opened no less than 20 pharmacies in Outaouais, La Tuque and Montreal. His entrepreneurial spirit has also led him to establish companies in the fields of construction and computer science. Always anxious to contribute to the development of his community, he became a municipal councillor of District 1 of Gatineau. He was also Vice-President of the Pointe-Gatineau Optimist Club and Vice-President of the Outaouais Seniors Foundation, in addition to having founded the foundation that bears his name 10 years ago. ¨I want to get involved to give back to society and allow La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie to continue to provide the utmost quality of health care.¨

- Isabelle Moses, Administrator

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